I’ve slowly been designing a range of accessories that are ‘made for the workshop’, born out of a functional need whilst I’ve been making and teaching and not being able to find quite the right thing. They are also made in the UK, close to the workshop, so support other local makers and traders.

Diamond Awl Tooltidy£60.00
After struggling to find a tool holder that would accommodate all the essential tools I use on a daily basis, I decided to make my own. This one is designed to hold a range of tools, from lighter and smaller diamond chisels to mallets. Features three different sized holes and holds 59 tools in total. Three layers make sure the tools stand straight, all in all a simple and sturdy design.

Diamond Awl Tooltidy comes ready made and features the Diamond Awl logo.

Measurements: 51cm length, 15cm wide, 7cm height
Material: MDF

Made for the workshop. Made in the UK.